How to attempt JEE Advanced Paper ? Topper's Tips Most Important | Must Read Before Exam

How to attempt JEE Advanced Paper ?
How to attempt JEE Advanced Paper ?

Gone are the days when IIT-JEE preparation was especially meant for students studying in Class 11th and 12th. A few years down the line, students started taking up the IIT-JEE syllabus early from Class 9th. The scenario changed completely when Foundation Programs for JEE for students from Class 6th onwards were introduced. 

Students who aim for IIT JEE these days are more focused on the goal and consistent with their preparation. For students aiming for JEE Advanced 2021, this article is intended to provide some Do’s and Don’ts for the exam and how JEE Advanced 2021 should be attempted for sure shot success.  

To start with, you are giving one of the most prestigious and challenging exams in India. Sitting for JEE Advanced is the time to hit it or quit it. While there is a noticeable difference in the type of paper of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, in the end, it all comes to your in-depth knowledge of the 3 subjects, namely Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Knowing about a subject is very important but at times what becomes more important is the fact that how much you know MORE than others. Since cracking JEE Advanced is not a cakewalk, you need to perform better than fellow JEE aspirants. 

After properly analysing the trend of JEE Advanced, we have come up with 10 tricks to crack JEE Advanced. Though JEE preparation is entirely idiosyncratic, these tricks can be quite helpful for JEE Advanced 2021 aspirants.

10 simple steps to attempt the JEE Advanced paper:
  1. Have proper sleep one night before the exam. Proper and adequate sleep is very much important in focusing for the entire 6 hours of exam duration. 
  2. Read the instructions very carefully. You will have enough time to read all the instructions. Do not miss any instruction
  3. Take a calm read at the paper and plan which section or questions you want to solve first.
  4. Do not attempt the paper in 1 round. Do the paper in 2-3 rounds and mark the questions you left or which need a review in each round. Around 80% of the questions are of easy to moderate level so it is important to first attempt those questions.
  5. In the first hour, try and attempt the questions you are confident about. This will give you the required boost to solve the paper further. 
  6. Attempt that subject first in which you are more confident.
  7. Leave the difficult multiple answer questions for the second round. They are actually 4 questions in 1 question.
  8. Mark the values and important data given in the question while reading it for the first time itself. This trick will help you later while solving the question.
  9. Manage your rough work properly. It should not be that you are solving half of the question at some place and another half at some other place.
  10. Write properly while solving the questions. Make sure your handwriting is clear. For example: Avoid 4 becoming 9 due to hurry. Also, beware of the blind guessing game. 
Tips to keep yourself calm during the JEE Advanced exam:
  1. Try and understand that getting nervous while solving the questions is very normal. Do not let this nervousness take a toll on your performance. 
  2. Try to take a deep and long breath for 2 to 3 minutes whenever you feel hopeless or nervous during your exam.
  3. When you are not able to solve any question, give yourself some time. Switch to a few questions you are sure about and then attempt the leftover questions with a new perspective. 
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